Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ROAR Term III Fiction Books

Hard to imagine, but over break you should get started on ROAR #3. I am suggesting the following books to begin and will give some personal suggestions later.

For this term, keep an active reading journal for your ROAR reading. Stop after every 10 pages and
1: compose a summary of plot/characters
2: identify difficult vocabulary or phrases
3: ask questions.

There will be periodic checks on your journals, so do keep up with your reading and writing.

Some books will contain language, sexuality, drug or alcohol use and violence that may offend students, parents or teachers. Please use proper discretion in selecting a title that you, your folks and I would all endorse. Also, since some works appear on our Summer Reading List, or the work has been adapted into a overshadowing film adaptation, all books must be approved.

Click on the links below for book selections. Remember to read the first few pages on before making a trip to the library.

NOTE #2:
Some of the books listed below are memoir/non-fiction. They will not count, so please be sure to select a fiction book.



Dystopian Literature

Take care when you go to the library...